Parametric Elevators (or Lifts)

The TestFit elevator tool will drop in early June, 2018. It is remarkably simple and operates under three core principles…


One: Distance Between Elevators

This parameter is important to distribute verticals across a large site, or combine verticals on a super tall building. With this parameter there is a minimum travel distance between this elevator and the next elevator. A great byproduct of this is that elevators are evenly distributed across a building.

balance lifts

Two: Elevators Per Unit

This parameter is simple enough to understand–the more units, the more elevators. While good for multifamily buildings, this tool might need to be improved for other building types, but will give users the ability to logically supply a quantity.

units per lift

Three: Banking

If the travel distance is larger than the building footprint, and there are several required elevators based on the per unit basis, then TestFit should attempt to bank those elevators together. This creates an exponentially quicker vertical circulation scheme (as more vertical options are available) and is better overall for building and structural efficiency.

lift simple

For more information on how our stair tool works, check out this blog post. The vertical circulation layer of information adds another layer of information to our practical generative design philosophy.

Stay tuned for updates!