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TestFit Add-In for Revit 1.0 – Free Beta

written by
Nat MacDonald

Our users often tell us that TestFit helps them say no to projects more often, so they can say yes to the projects that best accomplish their development goals.  And for those projects that meet the development outcomes, teams want to carry forward their configured buildings from TestFit into their downstream toolset.  Today we are unleashing a significantly improved ability to connect to one of the leading BIM platforms, Autodesk Revit.

TestFit has historically supported the output to Revit via Dynamo Scripts.  These scripts worked for those experienced with the Dynamo platform, but were time consuming (and occasionally frustrating!) to implement. Now in less than 10 clicks, all the geometry and data that you created in TestFit can be brought into your construction documentation processes.

Improved Installation Process

Easily install as you would any other desktop application. The addin is also highly deployable via IT departments for large firms to make sure all users have access to it.

Also – no complications associated with Dynamo versions & packages 😎

Import TestFit Sites and Buildings into Revit

Pretty straightforward – bring in the TestFit building geometry to Revit, all while using your firms’ standard Revit families. Even the parking stalls.

Import TestFit Sites and Buildings into Revit
Import TestFit Sites and Buildings into Revit

Interior Fitouts from TestFit to Revit

Use your firms’ standard Revit apartment units to automatically populate your buildings’ interiors using TestFit’s layout.

Interior Fitouts from TestFit to Revit
Interior Fitouts from TestFit to Revit

Export Kit-of-Parts from Revit to TestFit

Accurately translate your standard Revit apartment units into a TestFit Kit-of-Parts database.

Get started with TestFit Addin for Revit today with our knowledge base article here.

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