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Find the Right Deals in Hours, not Weeks

Save time with AI-optimized iterations to get to the right deal, fast.

  • Compare multiple deal models side by side within the same site
  • Set detailed financial data including land cost, hard cost, soft cost, and project revenue in a deal database

Validate Pro Forma with Accurate Data

Make data-driven investment decisions to kill the bad deals quickly and confidently.

  • Access accurate outputs including NOI, yield on cost, cap rate based on generative model
  • Export financial modeling data into CSV for pro forma

Get Conceptual Estimates, Fast

Don’t wait until bidding to find out the construction cost. Get early conceptual costing with precise quantity takeoffs.

  • Find automatic takeoffs from unit count, unit mix, parking count and so much more
  • Obtain projected revenue and expense numbers to kill the wrong deals early on

See All Your Deals on OneMap

Stop tracking your deals on manual spreadsheets. Access all your deals in one place to see what’s in your pipeline.

  • Share deals internally and externally from TestFit to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Filter by status to keep track of active, completed, lost, won, and paused deals.

Define Your Sites with Data

Take the first step of drawing your site from single to mixed-use development —even without a survey in hand.

  • Quickly select your sites from parcel data or draw from metes and bounds
  • Build out an entire site with massing mode and customizable road layout
  • Create mixed-use developments within a site
  • Visualize your site plans with existing 3D context in seconds

Avoid Risks Early On

Analyze site environmental constraints early on so you don’t get surprises down the line.

  • Design with slopes in mind by turning on our built-in 2D topography
  • Use exclusion zone to avoid special land conditions like easement and private covenant
  • Review FEMA flood maps and wetland data with direct ESRI integration

Set Code Parameters with Co-Authoring AI

Combine your expertise with the power of AI to generate code-compliant designs instantly.

  • Create a zoning profile with FAR, dwelling units per acre, parking ratio, and more for your entire site
  • Set parameters for vertical circulation like stairs, firewalls, elevators to meet building code
  • Allow TestFit to place building core automatically or manually place them yourself to ensure accurate life safety

Maximize Site Potential

Generate buildable solutions that optimize for the most site potential with our real-time AI configurators.

  • Find the best development scenario for your site based in user-input parameters
  • Iterate through different typologies from parking, multi-family, mixed-use to industrial
  • Manually adjust any AI-generated layouts to fit your needs

More Iterations. Less Manual Work

Run through 7x more possible scenarios without the extra manual work to find the best yield possible.

  • Save each option with different design and financial modeling as a scheme
  • Compare each scheme with real-time insights like NRSF, efficiency ratio, yield on cost and more

Site Plan from Inside Out

Instead of parking first, think building first.

  • Create custom high-density unit types to low-density building types without compromising your existing standards
  • Set your desired unit mix and sizes to meet your market needs
  • Customize everything from amenity spaces down to balcony size

No More Duplicating Work

Jump from feasibility study to design and documentation when your deal is ready.

  • Import sites and buildings into Revit with our direct add-in
  • Visualize your site plans and capture rendering views with Enscape right inside TestFit
  • Get a conceptual idea of your parking garage’s structure with TT Core Studio

Export to CAD & SketchUp Effortlessly

Seamlessly export your TestFit model for design and documentation and data for pro forma and quantity takeoff.

  • .dxf (for CAD software)
  • .skp (for sketchup)
  • .glTF (for saving 3D model views)
  • .csv (for spreadsheets)
  • .pdf

What’s Included in Site Solver

Section Title
TestFit Urban Planner
TestFit Site Solver

In the past 18 months, we have underwritten over 300+ development opportunities and could not have done it without TestFit.

Brandt Stiles
Subtext Development

Sometimes squeezing in 400 apartment units isn’t the best solution. TestFit gives us the possibility to see different schemes and choose the best one for the best financial results.

Selma Rabelo
VP of Corporate Product

TestFit automates the manual process of testing development feasibility and saves us many hours of manual work. This allows us to run more scenarios and alternatives for every project. It also creates better, more accurate basic massing visuals than we can do manually.

Jamin Kimmell
Cascadia Partners

The speed to bring a visual rendering is where we best utilize TestFit. We utilize it in real-time with the client. The client quickly sees how we could develop the land or check on the maximum available building area.

Chris Carry
Sitework and Heavy-Highway Department Manager
Mosser Construction

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