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TestFit automates the tedious tasks like counting parking stalls, so you get to design, not count.

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Mosser Construction
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Reduce Construction Risk

TestFit’s real estate feasibility platform makes it easy to do cost estimation early on. No more guessing on conceptual estimate, so you can help developer clients make a go/no-go decision with your expertise and our real-time AI software.

Set Realistic Expectations Early

Fast-track your pre-construction services with real-time insights on design, constructability and cost all in one place.

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We utilize the program to provide due diligence on the speculation of land and potential future projects. It serves as a marketing tool with our potential clients too!

Chris Carry
Chris Carry
Sitework and Heavy-Highway Department Manager
Mosser Construction
Mosser Construction

I believe TestFit is on its way to becoming the standard bearer for go/no-go decisions regarding the early financial wherewithal of a development deal.

Mike Jones
Mike Jones
Pankow Builders
Pankow Builders

TestFit excels at the pre-design stage where it can quickly generate floorplates, stairs and elevators locations, unit counts, area and cost calculations. All of this information updates on the fly as the user manipulates it on the site.

Eric Blackburn
Eric Blackburn
BIM Manager
Berardi Partners
Berardi Partners

Our Customers Are Reporting:

Hours Saved in Site Planning
More Design Iterations
Increase in Unit Counts

Users Win Deals on TestFit

Build in a Fraction of the Time

This is an incredible tool for real estate developers. It has saved me considerable time and cost. I can figure out if I can build the number of units I need in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Marty McCarthy
Real Estate Developer
Ebert Construction

Reduce Risk.
Increase Potential.

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