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2023 TestFit ROI Report

2023 TestFit ROI Report
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2023 TestFit ROI Report

We all feel it. With the rising cost of goods, high interest rates, and inflated home prices, we’re living in a pressing affordability crisis across the board. But amidst the economic uncertainties, 2023 also marked the burst of artificial intelligence. The AECO and real estate sectors are experiencing a technological revolution as AI becomes deeply integrated into various stages of design and construction workflows.

This report offers a detailed look at how our customers set themselves apart in this competitive market by equipping their teams to do more with TestFit. By automating monotonous, error-prone steps in the deal process, we’re also de-risking the most complicated assets the world has ever built.

It’s time to build what the world needs—fast.

Reduce Risk.
Increase Potential.

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