Ryan Gathmann​
VP of Product​

Ryan Gathmann's career started as a registered architect working on commercial, hospitality, sports, multifamily, mixed-use & more before moving to technology full time. Over the past 5 years he has applied his strategic leadership to launch a startup, develop apps, and consult for executives of publicly traded companies. Ryan understands the unique challenges TestFit customers face and identifies creative solutions to solve them.

He lives in Dallas with wife and twin girls and enjoys pushing the limits through endurance running and cycling.

Trent Nix
VP of Engineering

Trent has been fascinated with software and technology since firing up an Atari 2600 as a kid. He wrote his first program in Basic on an Apple II and has been writing software or managing software teams ever since. He graduated from Texas A&M in College Station with a BSc in Computer Science

Trent lives in the Texas panhandle with his wife and 3 kids.

Matthew Londei
Customer Success Manager
Megan Holsinger
Director of Customer Success
Ryan Griege​
CTO & Co-founder

Ryan has been writing code and making games since he was given his first TI-84 graphing calculator in junior high.

In early 2016, he was pulled kicking and screaming out of his comfy game development career into the tumultuous world of startups, architecture, and real estate. When not staring blankly at a whiteboard filled with mysterious shapes and strange mathematical symbols, Ryan likes to rant against modern web-based software and read books in their physical form.

Chris Aquino
Product Expert
Laura Paciano​
VP of Marketing

Laura is an adventurer at heart. It’s why a picture in a magazine lured her to move to Santa Barbara, what inspired her to travel to over 40 countries, and why she was drawn into a career riding the rollercoaster world of startups. She’s spent her career marketing for hyper-growth, category-defining tech companies, this past decade specifically in the AEC space.

Laura and her husband have made Santa Barbara home. You can find them enjoying daily sunsets at the beach or grabbing their snowboards to chase a storm.

Marco Aquiire
Director of Research
Stephen Archer
Brand Manager
Kaj Burival
Applications Engineer
Petr Mitex
VP, Visualization Product Group
Joann Lui
Content Marketing Manager

Joann Lui, AIA, is a Content Marketing Manager at TestFit with 10+ years of experience as a licensed Architect. She's also the founder of Women Architects Collective - a global online community of women in architecture. Combining her passions in marketing, technology and architecture, she's on a mission to help architects build happier and healthier careers.

Matthew Kendall
Product Owner
Nat MacDonald
Product Manager
Alexine Gordon-Stewart
Chief of Staff

While educated as a horse dentist in Britain, Alexine has been helping to scale AECO startups for over a decade. With a passion for startups and early-phase category definition, she thrives on making the whole TestFit machine run smoothly with our motivated team & unique culture. She lives in Montreal with her husband, 2 kiddos, 2 cats, 2 fish & 1 horse.

Clifton Harness

Clifton Harness loves to build—buildings & now companies. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Architecture. Soon after joining a real estate development company as an architect, Clifton started working with college roommate Ryan Griege after hours to innovate deal processes, which soon grew into TestFit. Clifton lives in Dallas with his bride Annalise, baby Savannah and dapper golden doodle, Brinkley.

Kyle Bernhardt

Kyle has spent his career at the intersection of software and AEC, exploring how technology can enable better outcomes. Working on one of the largest BIM platforms in the world, helping to migrate its collaboration to the cloud, and driving the business strategy in the building design segment, Kyle brings a wealth of experience to TestFit and our clients.

Kyle hails from Boston and enjoys the wonderful chaos of his family life with his wife and 3 kids. He likes to recharge his batteries via hot yoga, singletrack trails on his bike, or on the frozen slopes on his skis.

We’re reinventing the development process for the betterment of the world’s future communities.

Reduce Risk. Increase Potential.

Real estate development is risky and complicated—we’re here to make it easier with less risk. TestFit's real estate feasibility platform helps realize the full potential of land through trusted automation.

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PropTech Breakthrough Award 2023 - Overall Construction Tech Solution of the Year
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TestFit was started to solve a simple problem: we hate counting.

One of our founders, Clifton Harness, was working at a development company when he got frustrated endlessly drawing apartment units and counting parking stalls. The effort it took to complete these mundane tasks was painstaking (and honestly, a waste of his time).

That’s where our other co-founder Ryan Griege comes in. Clifton reached out to his college roommate who was a software developer and asked if he could build a program to help him do his job faster.

Picture of the founders.

The first version of TestFit was a simple command-line utility to help Clifton solve apartment unit mixes. It wasn’t fancy. It didn’t even have a user interface, but it was designed to solve a real problem in the real world.

TestFit quickly grew as they automated other monotonous, error-prone steps in the deal process, like counting parking stalls, generating multiple design options, calculating the yield on cost…

What started as a tool for multi-family development also expanded into mixed-use, single-family, and industrial developments to help build better communities. Now TestFit has become a real estate feasibility platform with real-time insights on design, cost, and constructability, for developers, architects, and general contractors.

We believe that everyone deserves quality communities. By creating automation that helps deal teams visualize and compare various schemes in seconds, we can optimize the feasibility process to build what the world needs, faster.

Leadership Team

Testfit is made up of people from all sorts of AEC backgrounds from architecture, to engineering, construction, urban planning, and more.

Board of Directors

Jesse Coors-Blankenship
Parkway Venture Capital

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the World’s Future Communities

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