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TestFit’s real estate feasibility platform makes it easy to do site planning. Use our real-time AI software for your entire class or on specific projects.

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I used TestFit for the final project in one of my elective classes at USC, School of Architecture. Although TestFit is a sophisticated software program, the students could learn the basics in under two hours. For their projects, they designed two spatial analysis 3d models for a site in southern California that fit a reasonable set of client financial restraints. These architecture students had never explored the financial aspects and feasibility of housing design before, and the software opened their minds to a whole new way of thinking about design. The results were amazing! I aspire for all our students to explore financial feasibility and for the faculty teaching real estate development to embrace a software program that combines 3d modeling with proforma analysis.

Karen M. Kensek
Karen M. Kensek
LEED AP BD+C, Professor of Practice in Architecture, USC School of Architecture

I used TestFit in my graduate Real Estate Development course for which students conduct a preliminary feasibility study for a multi-family zoned plot currently for sale. One component of this project is the selection of building designs that are physically possible & legally permissible as well as maximize property value. TestFit is an excellent tool for this project as it allows students to quickly and easily assess different design options, analogously to how multifamily developers use the software. Students tremendously enjoy working with TestFit, and I can highly recommend it for educational purposes.

Julia Freybote
Julia Freybote
Ph.D., MSRE, Associate Professor of Finance & Real Estate, Portland State University

We’re very excited about this partnership with TestFit. It allows our students to operate at the forefront of ground-breaking innovation that is transforming the process of early-stage site analysis. The platform has the ability to elevate design by providing real-time dynamic modeling of constructibility, cost, and return on investment. These tools allow designers to be strategic partners in feasibility studies.

Joe Colistra
Joe Colistra
Professor in the Department of Architecture School of Architecture & Design, University of Kansas

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  • Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation - The 14th Annual Real Estate Challenge
  • NAIOP Competition in Wisconsin