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TestFit automates the tedious tasks like counting parking stalls, so you get to design, not count.

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650+ Sites Planned in TestFit per Week
Berardi Partners
Studio Hillier
Moody Nolan
RBA Architects
Ware Malcomb
Perkins & Will
STG Design
DLR Group

You Design. We Automate

TestFit’s real estate feasibility platform makes it easy to do site planning. Use your expertise to create the best optimized design with our real-time AI software.

Design Better, Faster, with Confidence

Fast-track your feasibility studies with real-time insights on design, constructability and cost all in one place.

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With TestFit, we can produce 2-3 times more alternative models on a fixed budget. With a $10,000 budget for building modeling, we could create 37 models, whereas before we could only create 15.

Jamin Kimmell
Jamin Kimmell
Cascadia Partners
Cascadia Partners

The ability to show clients we understand the standards and rules of multifamily in a fast-paced modeling session. We find that developer clients are very interested in it...to support their due diligence.

Eric McGinnis
Eric McGinnis
Comma DesignWorks
Comma DesignWorks

TestFit allows us to work through several client challenges in a significantly more rapid fashion than traditional workflows. We can take that and drop that directly into Revit, or we can further refine our design within the TestFit/Revit interactions and use that to rapidly populate our Revit model.

Michael Freiert
Michael Freiert
Bim Manager
Pope Design Group
Pope Design Group

Our Customers Are Reporting:

Hours Saved in Site Planning
More Design Iterations
Increase in Unit Counts

Users Win Deals on TestFit

Save $200k-$300k in Non-Billable Hours

TestFit has allowed us to win over developer partners while saving over $200k in labor hours. We can easily provide our clients with quick studies as they vet out sites to see if the sites are the right fit for them based on the data we can find in TestFit like the cost of yield, number of units, square footage, and more.

Grant Brandenburg
Director of Regional Operations
Ware Malcomb

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Increase Potential.

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