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Our real-time AI configurators allow for rapid concept iterations to maximize site potential and get the right deals done fast. TestFit optimizes for the best design solutions, where you can customize with manual mode and get quantity takeoff and financial data all in one place.

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Maximize Density for Multi-Family

See How Resia Gets Site Planning Done 4x Faster


Design podium buildings with upper-level units over lower podium construction.


Wrap buildings around a structured parking garage.


Maximize your low-density sites with 3-story townhomes.


Create "garden style urban" buildings with surface parking.


Fill large sites with surface parking and prototypical buildings up to 3-story high.


Increase density with tower buildings over 18 stories with upper-level units over lower podium construction.

Divide Parcels For Days

Learn More about Subdivision


Subdivide a large piece of land into individual parcels for single-family or mixed-density development. Include multiple housing types such as:

  • ADUs
  • Townhomes
  • Bungalow courts
  • Tiny homes

Optimize Industrial Site for Max Efficiency

Learn More about Industrial

Cross Dock

Increase efficiency in your warehouses, storage, and distribution center with a cross-dock layout.

Single Dock

Use a single dock layout for data centers, manufacturing buildings, and more.

Increase Keys for Hospitality


Create "garden style urban" buildings with surface parking.


Increase numbers of keys with tower buildings over 18 stories with upper-level hotel units over lower podium construction.


Design podium buildings with upper-level units over lower podium construction.


Wrap buildings around a structured parking garage.

Expand Your Retail Experiences with Customizable Massing

Pad Retail

Plan for fast food, pad restaurants, and more

Power Centers

Leverage the power of our parking tool to design power centers with a maximum amount of outparcels. All keeping within the necessary ratios.

Lifestyle Centers

Where Main Street meets New Street, the Lifestyle Center incorporates a walkable mix of shops with parking.

Neighborhood Centers

Combine a multi-tenant building with a jr. anchor box to build a town’s core business unit, the Neighborhood Center.

Shopping Centers

Plan for entirely new shopping centers in TestFit. Incorporate all aspects of retail into this titan of industry typology

Never Count Parking Stalls Again

Learn More About Parking in TestFit

Surface Parking

Fill an entire site with surface parking, which will respond to changes in the site, setbacks, and easements.

Define your surface parking with:

  • Fill
  • Free shape
  • Offset
  • Double-loaded drive aisles
    (The industrial configurator supports single-loaded drive aisles)

Structured Fill Parking

Fill an entire lot with a structured fill parking garage.

Structured Rectangular Parking

Create a rectangular parking garage that is defined by tray counts.

Multi-size Parking Stalls

Adjust the ratio, display color, and size of your custom stall types to support:

  • ADA
  • Compact
  • EV
  • Trailer
  • And more

TestFit has streamlined the early concept phase of our mixed-use, multi-family projects in allowing us to obtain a high-level output on a potential site’s capacity in regard to the buildable area along with parking and residential unit quantities.

Anthony Fasolo
Associate Principal

TestFit gives us a quick, confident analysis of the potential opportunity for multi-family housing while providing massing which gives the reader a sense of scale.

Nathan Keup
Vice President of Development
Ginosko Development Company

TestFit is an easy way of computing a layout than in AutoCAD. Solves how many lots can for inside a property and how much LF of the road is roughly needed to create the layout.

Sarah Grego
GIS Data Analyst
Lynn Levy Land Company

Maximizing efficiency in site layouts is improving our investment appraisals, in the future, this should improve our profit margins.

David Cowan
Senior Construction Manager

I believe TestFit is on its way to becoming the standard bearer for go/no-go decisions regarding the early financial wherewithal of a development deal.

Mike Jones
Pankow Builders
Pankow Builders
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