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TestFit Culture: Why We Love Working at TestFit

written by
Joann Lui

It’s an exciting time for TestFitters! We were recently recognized as Built In’s Best Places to Work—specifically, as Best Startup to Work For, Best Places to Work, and Remote Best Places to Work in Dallas. This isn't just an award—it's a reflection of our culture, people, and products that make up the DNA of our organization.

At the 2023 Camp TestFit, our annual company retreat, we asked our team members what their favorite thing is about working at TestFit. Here’s what they said.

The TestFit Culture

Our culture is built on our foundational values of empathy, integrity, and innovation—so much so that we created quarterly awards for employees who excel at each value.

We've created an environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued, where the status quo is constantly challenged, and where the freedom to think outside the box is not just allowed but encouraged.

“The Culture. Hands down the culture," Andreea Cojocariu, our Head of Marketing, explained. “TestFit is so full of good people. You’re not expected to fit in a box, so if you don’t fit in a box like me, you fit right in.”

As a remote-first team, we try hard to foster a sense of belonging from weekly all-hands, monthly virtual lunches, and team offsite, to an annual retreat every year. Our flexibility goes beyond the “fun”, we treat our company as a mini CEO incubator, focusing on helping our employees develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

TestFit virtual lunch
TestFit virtual lunch


The People

We can’t have a culture without the people. The heart of TestFit is our people—a diverse, talented, and dedicated team united by a common mission to realize the full potential of land through trusted automation.

Our CFO, Robyne Gaudreau, particularly loves the people at TestFit, “The people! I love that we’re all from different backgrounds. We get to learn from one another. Everyone is eager to help each other out.”

TestFit team photo
TestFit team photo

We come from different backgrounds and disciplines, particularly in the AEC industry, but we treat each other with empathy and respect in our day-to-day work. “Everyone is honest about their feedback, and everyone is receptive to hearing others’ thoughts and opinions. It’s the perfect mix,” Sean Griffen, our Account Executive said.

Our team members are not just colleagues; they're mentors, friends, and innovators. The collaborative spirit at TestFit means that every success is a shared success, and every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow together.


The Product

Our product is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement. At TestFit, we're not just developing software; we're set out to reinvent the development process.

For Trent Nix, our VP of Engineering, his favorite part about working at TestFit is solving hard problems—problems like automating monotonous, error-prone steps in the deal process while still giving our customers control and flexibility to create their feasibility studies.

These decade-old challenges might be hard to solve, but the reaction when someone sees the product for the first time makes it all worth it. We call that the ah-ha moment.

“To see the reaction of people’s faces when they see how the software works in real-time for the first time, it’s something I’ve never seen before,” Charlie Cooper, our Senior Sales Advisor reminisced, “TestFit is very powerful very quickly and we always get really really good feedback.”

Like many of our customers, Steve Ellinghuysen, another one of our Senior Sales Advisors, is excited about “the cutting-edge AI technology; it’s interesting and fun to be part of something new and see people getting excited about it.”

Join the TestFit Conviction

My favorite part about working at TestFit? The conviction—the unwavering belief that we’re here to disrupt the industry and make a difference in the built environment.

“We have the opportunity to do career-defining work. We can take big swings and do really cool things,” Chris Aquino, our Product Expert, emphasized. “Thinking back on all the reasons why I decided to join TestFit—that was definitely it.”

Join us at TestFit, where the culture, people, and product combined with an absolute conviction to change the built environment make up the best place to work.

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