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Scan Point - AEC Hackathon

written by
Clifton Harness

We went to the Dallas, Texas AEC hackathon last weekend - this is an event where teams attempt to build a solution for a problem that can be used the following Monday.

The Team

The Problem

Point clouds and photosphere collection consume jobsite time and generate an inordinate amount of data.

The Goal

To spatially optimize the setup location of 3D laser scanners across a floor plan to achieve level point density, and minimize photosphere locations.

The Reasons Why

  • reduce human error
  • accurate planning and budgeting of scan time
  • reduce jobsite impact
  • reduce redundant data gathering
  • reduce processing time


Our AEC Hackathon Solution: Scan Point

Additional / Future Use Cases:

  • fire sprinkler placement
  • jobsite wifi placement
  • security camera placement
  • iot device placement
  • speaker placement
  • lighting placement
  • lawn sprinkler placement
  • cell tower placement
  • pepperoni placement (on pizza)

Check out the coverage on Scan Point by AEC Next / Spar 3D.

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