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TestFit 1.19: Shadow Update

written by
Clifton Harness

The TestFit Shadow Update includes the ability to add detail to 3D models, display geo-located shadows, input metes and bounds, and add custom colors to plans!

December 2018 + January 2019 Update

TestFit 1.009

Added Detail to 3D Models

Detailed 3D Model in TestFit

Render Geo-Located Shadows

Render Geo-Located Shadows with TestFit

Render Shadow Studies

Render Shadow Studies with Multiple Shadows in TestFit

Change Colors

Change Unit Colors in TestFit

Input Metes and Bounds

Metes and Bounds in TestFit

* Rapidly perform shadow studies based on date and time of day
* Added shadows, underlays, and additional geometry details to the 3D model
* Change colors of units and spaces
* Added metes and bounds input for sites

* Reduced the frequency of bifurcated outside corner units
* Shadows can be enabled via the toolbar
* Added a handle to move and rotate sites and underlay images
* Detailed models can be disabled in the settings panel
* Added an option to Windows Explorer’s context menu to open rsd files

Reported Issues
* Fixed unit tabulation values in PDF
* Fixed a bug with loading certain types of old rsd files
* Fixed a case where the garage would not move in manual mode
* Fixed a crash when placing multiple spaces

This update is live

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