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TestFit 2.13: Lower Density Spaces

written by
Clifton Harness

A New Type of Space

Our most popular feature from high density makes its debut in lower density spaces.

Low Density Spaces

Retention Spaces

  • Easily control the location and size of void spaces to allocate retention areas
  • Right-click to edit the space's properties
retention spaces

Club House Spaces

  • With the same tool, easily change it into a Club House
  • There can be several spaces per site

Rectangle grips update

  • With our continued commitment to urban planning, we have released a new tool set for block sizing: rectangle grips
  • If TestFit recognizes a rectangle, additional grips are available to the user
  • It also supports squares, a type of rectangle
True Rectangles

Additional Details

  • Extended unit image attachments to include bays.
  • Added spaces to the DXF exporter.
  • Added low density site geometry to the low detail 3D view.
  • Added a button to clear all roads.
  • Improve massing layout for small sites with single loaded corridors.
  • Fixed spaces in the garage being non-interactive and tabulated incorrectly.
  • Added missing elements to the low detail townhouse SketchUp exporter.
  • Fixed embedded images disappearing after a while.
  • Fixed missing image name for embedded images.
  • Fixed incorrect unit attachment orientation for some OC units.
  • Fixed dead end unit attachments being cropped incorrectly.
  • Fixed a crash attaching images to townhouse units.
  • Fixed a crash when drawing overlapping guides in manual mode.
  • Fixed memory leaks in the MacOS client.
  • Fixed missing garage liner units in concave sites.
  • Fixed dead end units occasionally disappearing when adding cores.
  • Fixed bay and balcony alignment for townhouse endcap units.
  • Fixed the balcony over setback parameter being ignored for donut sites.
  • Fixed invisible driveway element handles in light theme.
  • Fixed some very narrow units in metric sites.
Product Updates