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TestFit 2.14: Office, Parcels, and Columns

written by
Clifton Harness

TestFit Becomes the First Architectural Configurator to use Structural AI

A New Type of Building

Today we add "Core-Based" office buildings to our product offering--it has officially moved out of Beta!

Office Floor Plate Generator

IBC Compliant Cores

  • Bathrooms are dynamically linked to floor loads
  • Stairs update widths based upon floor load demand
Bathroom Configurator

IBC Compliant Staircases

  • Stairs adjust depth based upon floor to floor height
  • Stairs adjust minimum width based upon dynamic floor loading
IBC Compliant Stairs

Parcel Data

  • TestFit users now have access to parcel data for the whole United States
  • Define sites from parcels

Columns Using Thornton Tomasetti Core Studio's AI

  • Automated column sizing for parking garages
  • Watch our discussion with Thornton Tomasetti here.
column sizing in plan


  • Added a new site type: Core-based buildings.
  • Added garage columns provided by Thornton Tomasetti.
  • Added a new GIS data layer: parcels.
  • Added a new tool in the site panel to create site boundaries from parcels.
  • Added parapets around void spaces.
  • Added a merge levels parameter for multi-story low density spaces.
  • Added a toggle to change the entry edge for outside corner units.
  • Added a second base depth parameter for outside corner units.
  • Added a path width parameter for custom dead end units.
  • Updated the About -> Documentation link to the online knowledge base.
  • Added a unit flex preview while viewing units in the editor.

Reported Issues & Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the building font size for metric sites.
  • Fixed names with commas in the csv export.
  • Fixed missing garage liner massing.
  • Fixed common area rendering artefacts.
  • Fixed tiny units when solving sites loaded from old rsd files.
  • Fixed the default townhouse unit sizes in metric.
  • Fixed cases where façade & parapet geometry did not match the units.
  • Fixed discrepancies between unit rendering in the editor vs the plan.
  • Fixed missing outer stall rows for surface parking.
  • Fixed poorly-filled concave parking lots.
  • Fixed townhouse garage is NRSF preference.
  • Fixed low density site entrances near very narrow road angles.
  • Fixed the missing file extension dropdown in the MacOS file dialog.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of ctrl+click as a left click on MacOS.
  • Fixed 3D views loaded from an rsd file.
  • Fixed building inputs scrollbar on high DPI monitors.
  • Fixed a crash routing ramps in complex garages.

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