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TestFit 2.18: Structured Liners

written by
Clifton Harness

One of our most-demanded requests is live in TestFit 2.18: Structured liners.

Structured Liners

  • Toggle "podium" buildings into "structured liner" buildings to increase density.
  • Garage liners extend the full height of the garage regardless of wrap levels.
  • Corridors can be aligned if units are placed around the garage and the units above are placed directly over them.
  • For more information on how to use structured liners, please check out the Knowledge Base article.

Reported issues & bug fixes

  • Fixed missing podium mass when orthographic was toggled.
  • Fixed missing lifts in wrap-podium buildings.
  • Fixed a few cases of non-interactive setbacks.
  • Fixed "apply to all edges" button failing for edges with custom setbacks.
  • Fixed a crash when removing all points from a setback edge.
  • Fixed duplicate amenities in certain townhouse site layouts.
  • Fixed duplicate garage facades in podium buildings.
  • Fixed duplicate stairs after interacting with a site loaded from a file.
  • Fixed podium units being unnecessarily inset from the garage façade.
  • Fixed outdated tabulations when selecting sites in the 3D view.
  • Fixed outdated site data when dragging sites across roads and easements.
  • Fixed a crash dragging cores into inside corner units.
  • Fixed a crash placing units with wide entries.
  • Fixed missing surface parking in 3D.

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