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TestFit 2.7: Sound Effects

written by
Clifton Harness

We have some amazing news! We successfully raised a $2M seed round! Read about it more here:

Dallas company bringing video game-like tools to building configurations raises $2M

AAD software company TestFit Raises $2M for new breed of AEC software

New to TestFit for the 2.7 update is an entirely new sound effects system tooled to completely revolutionize your work from home experience in the time of COVID-19!

Sound Effects Toggle

  • Easily turn on and off sound effects. The user experience requires full volume, especially when going into manual mode. Here is how to turn it on:
sound effects TestFit


  • The rsd format (TestFit save files) is now json compatible for easier interoperability with other software programs
json rsd file

3D Views in PDF

  • Named 3D views can now be saved to PDF
Generate Views
PDF Views

High DPI Monitor Support

high dpi

Additional Details

  • Added Sketchup groups when exporting plans with multiple sites
  • Improved solver performance when placing fully-wrapped garages
  • Added a warning when closing TestFit with unsaved work
  • Added gurban roads to the low detail site model and Sketchup export
  • Improved ability to hit parking ratios for wrap buildings
  • Improved UX for confusing angular corner unit parameters
  • Unit subtotals are now generated on PDF exports
  • Loosened the travel distance minimum and maximum
  • Loosened the dead end distance minimum to 20′ (IBC minimum)

Reported Issues

  • Fixed missing unallocated areas in 3D view; Sketchup and GLTF exports updated
  • Fixed issues with building placement for generated surface parked building layouts
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping buildings on sites with complex boundaries
  • Fixed cases of extreme inline unit corner angles
  • Fixed cases of very small inline units.
  • Fixed an issue placing balconies on end of corridor units
  • Fixed outdated levels for manually-placed massing
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to restore a previous session

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some tiny units from generating
  • Fixed some issues with inside and outside corner units
  • Fixed some inside corner units from not generating
  • Fixed a bug that would generate unnecessary units
  • Does anyone actually read these?
  • Lot coverage is now a percentage
  • Efficiency percentage is now a percentage in the PDF export

Product Updates