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TestFit 4.8: Reduce Risks with Data Maps

written by
Joann Lui
Get all Site Data in One Place

When it comes to feasibility studies, it’s important to consider every aspect of the site to make sure you’re mitigating risks early on.

That’s why we’re introducing Data Maps, a new product that gives you all the data you need to examine site environmental constraints.

Map Data

Using our map data, you can create your site from single to mixed-use development—even without a survey in hand. These includes:

  • US parcel data so you can create sites automatically from a parcel.
  • 2D topo data allows you to account for elevation changes and slope gradients.
  • 3D context to visualize your site plans with existing context.
Topography data inside TestFit
Topography data inside TestFit

Zoning Data

We aim to remove every tedious task in the feasibility process. This includes scrolling through pages and pages of zoning code. Powered by Zoneomics, zoning and land use data is now available in TestFit.

  • See neighboring land use with built-in color-coded zoning maps.
  • Access up-to-date zoning data including permitted land uses, max FAR, max coverage, setbacks, building height, and more.
  • Apply it and create a zoning profile to find the highest and best use for your site.
Zoning maps with data in TestFit
Zoning maps with data in TestFit

Environmental Data

Understanding the ecological context of a site is paramount. We’ve partnered up with ESRI to give you the information you need to mitigate risks.

  • Safeguard your assets with visual US FEMA flood maps around your sites including details like flood hazard areas and floodways.
  • Access US wetland data and create an easement automatically to avoid building on protected areas.
Wetland data in TestFit

More Data. Less Surprises.

If you want to access all the site data within TestFit, sign up for Data Maps right here.

Reduce Risk. Increase Potential.

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