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Zoning is Complicated, But It Doesn’t Have to Be.

written by
Joann Lui
Access Zoning Data

I love reading through pages and pages of zoning code.

…said no one ever.

And yet, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to scroll through hundreds of pages just to find a setback dimension.

Zoning regulations, while vital for urban planning, can be complicated and time-consuming to navigate. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve partnered with Zoneomics, a real estate intelligence platform that collects zoning and land use data, to provide real-time zoning data right inside TestFit.

Visualize Land Use with Zoning Maps

Instead of looking up land use maps on the municipality website, you can see neighboring land use with built-in color-coded zoning maps with TestFit’s integration of Zoneomics data.

These zoning maps allow you to easily create zoning diagrams for client, city, and zoning presentations without having to duplicate work in a separate design software.

zoning maps
Zoning maps

Access Up-to-Date Zoning Data

Stop flipping through pages of zoning code and get access to up-to-date zoning data without the hassle of manual searches. These data include:

  • Permitted land uses
  • Max FAR
  • Max coverage
  • Setbacks
  • Building height
  • And more
Access to up-to-date zoning data
Access to up-to-date zoning data

Automate with Accurate Zoning Data

You can automatically apply the built-in zoning data to a zoning profile to make sure the generated layouts adhere to regulatory constraints.

As always, you will still get a pass/fail score with each scheme to ensure compliance.

Get a pass/fail score with each scheme to ensure compliance
Get a pass/fail score with each scheme to ensure compliance

Note: Creating a zoning profile manually is still possible—giving you the maximum flexibility in your zoning studies.


Less Scrolling. More Analyzing.

Zoning studies used to take days, if not weeks, (and countless scrolling) to get done. With real-time zoning integration in TestFit, you can spend more time actually analyzing the zoning data to create the best site plan possible.

If you want to access real-time zoning data in TestFit to get your zoning studies done fast, sign up for access today.

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