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TestFit Infographics

written by
Clifton Harness

This post is an ongoing repository of all of our TestFit infographics.

Assemblage: How can we combine small pieces of land to create more valuable buildings?
Real property: how is unmovable property owned
Internal Rate of Return: How can we gauge the performance of real estate investment projects
Capitalization Rate: How can we compare real estate investment projects
Real Estate Metrics: What are the metrics to analyze real estate investments
Leverage: How much debt is the real estate project using compared to its equity
Sources and Uses: How is the real estate project financed? How is that spent?
Capital Stack: How is a real estate project financed?
FAR, height & building coverage: how intense is this building?
Building Efficiency what is the total area compared to the usable or rentable area?
Gross-to-skin ratio tells us how compact is the building
Lot coverage: how much of the site does the building cover?
FAR: Floor Area Ratio - what is the total building area compared

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