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Subdivision Configurator

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Subdivision Configurator

July 26, 2022
27 minutes

See how you can parcelize your site for single-family or mixed-density development in minutes with TestFit. In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Create multiple housing types that you want to place within a neighborhood from single family, ADUs, townhomes, bungalow courts, and tiny homes.
  • Make informed decisions on your deals with iterative site layouts and densities in minutes, not weeks.
  • Use your company presets or prototypes in each site parcel. No need to recreate over and over again.
  • Get the quantity takeoffs you need to estimate on construction cost before spending months on design.
  • Utilize our build-to-rent or build-to-sell financial models to get accurate estimate for your site.
Nat MacDonald
Nat MacDonald
Director of Configurators

With 9 years of experience as a licensed mechanical engineer, Nat MacDonald brings his skills in engineering and technology to TestFit as a Product Manager. Nat talks with customers regularly to design product procedures and algorithms that help architects and developers build at scale. He has been a speaker at various tech and AEC conferences including BILT, ASHRAE, and Autodesk University. Outside of work, you can find him tweeting with the AEC tech community or mountain biking in Portland, Maine.

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