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Introducing TestFit 2.19 Garden Apartments

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Introducing TestFit 2.19 Garden Apartments

June 3, 2021
30 minutes

In today's rapidly evolving housing landscape, understanding the intricacies of garden apartments is more crucial than ever. Join Clifton Harness, our CEO, as he shows you how to create garden-style feasibility study in TestFit with our garden configurator and unit editor. You'll learn how to:

  • Understand the history of TestFit and how it's been shaping housing designs over the years.
  • Draw a site boundary in TestFit and generate a garden-style layout
  • Add a pond and easement for exclusion zone
  • Create U-shaped buildings with our building editor
  • Customize unit types for garden-style building with our unit editor
  • Adjust parking ratio to solve for parking count automatically
  • Create road-hosted clubhouse with our space tool.
Clifton Harness
Clifton Harness
CEO & Co-founder

Clifton Harness loves to build—buildings & now companies. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Architecture. Soon after joining a real estate development company as an architect, Clifton started working with college roommate Ryan Griege after hours to innovate deal processes, which soon grew into TestFit. Clifton lives in Dallas with his wife Annalise, children Savannah and Wells, and his golden doodle, Brinkley.

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