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TestFit 2.0: Building Configurator

written by
Clifton Harness

This month’s update brings a massive overhaul to TestFit. We have spent the last five months working towards a mega update that addresses over 18 months of feedback from customers and truly makes TestFit the building configurator.

June 2019

The Kit of Parts

  • Manually create custom kit of parts from existing unit plans; the unit editor feature is now fully integrated with TestFit.
01 - unit editor
  • Quickly swap between different kits
02 - swap databases
  • Use geometrically explicit modules to solve hotels
03 - hotel

Co-Creation Features

  • Manual adjustment of stairs and elevators
04 - move verticals
  • Manual adjustment of unit locations
05 - slide units
  • Manually mirror units
06 - mirror units

Dynamically Generated Kit of Parts

  • Automatically generate a kit of parts from user preferences
Automatically generate a kit of parts from user preferences
  • Globally adjust inside corner unit settings
adjust inside corner unit settings site plan
  • Solve for a target unit average with a perfect set of units
target unit average TestFit

Additional Unit Categories

  • Support up to 16 different categories
test fit unit categories
  • Globally tabulate several different category types
tabulate different unit category types TestFit

Additional Corner and Corridor Configurations

  • Remove outside corner units to allow corridors to penetrate to facade
outside corner units
  • Add end of corridor units to increase building efficiency
end of corridor units site plan
  • Remove inside corner units and verticals to simulate cores on inside corners
cores inside corners test fit

The Building Configurator Panel

  • Compact GUI panel allows for quick selection of desired configuration
building configurator panel to calculate desired configuration

Additional Unit Features

  • Entries (units) can be placed and customized
entries site plan
  • Balconies can be inset, or partially inset
17 - inset balconies
  • Site plans can be solved with bays
site plans bays
  • Balconies now support shallow juliets

shallow juliet balconies plan

Orthogonal Snapping

  • Manual mode now supports ortho-snaps
Manual mode now supports orthogonal snaps

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