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TestFit 2.10: Structured Spaces

written by
Clifton Harness

In today’s update we release Structured Spaces or “spaces in the garage”. This feature has the distinction for being, one, almost universally requested, and two, requiring nearly a year of work (1/3 the lifetime of TestFit) to build. It will drastically change how almost all buildings are generated and interacted with. Check it out below.

Structured Spaces aka “Spaces In the Garage”

spaces in the garage

Unit Attachments

  • Enables unit databases to have attached unit plans
  • Gives a great sense of scale for TestFit generated buildings

Automatic Ramp Routing

  • This much-needed update to ramps will work to reduce the footprint of the ramp
  • The algorithm attempts to mitigate generating dead-end parking scenarios
automatic garage ramping

Column Buffering

  • Places a buffer every x number of stalls
  • The buffer size is configurable
column buffering


  • Places a wall along the perimeter of the roof
  • Increases accuracy for facade takeoffs
Add parapets on Tesfit model

Change Parking Lot Orientation

This feature allows users to change the orientation of surface parking stalls with one click

Change parking lot orientation

Additional Details

  • 2D to 3D scene transitions can be enabled in the preferences menu.
  • Improved application responsiveness when returning from an idle state.
  • Invalid massing options are less likely to cause solver blackout.

Reported Issues

  • Fixed Sketchup Exporter
  • Fixed Mapbox Integration

Bug Fixes

  • Removed void spaces from PDF tabulation.
  • Fixed excessive mass deletion in manual mode.
  • Fixed unitless sites not showing an estimated unit count.
  • Fixed a crash when setting all unit weights to 0.
  • Fixed a crash when removing the garage from a wrap with manual geometry.
  • Fixed the measurement units in the glTF exporter.
  • Fixed the 3D colors toggle not persisting between sessions.

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