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TestFit 2.21: Light Industrial Beta

written by
Clifton Harness

Why Light Industrial

Over the course of the last year online retailers have exploded in growth, and so has the demand for warehousing those goods. For this reason, and at the request of several of our existing customers, we will be the first to provide a light industrial configurator and feasibility tool.

TestFit Light Industrial is currently in beta. For more information and / or to sign up to be informed when it is ready, check it out.

Light Industrial

TestFit 2.21: Garden Updates

In TestFit 2.21, TestFit Inc releases upgrades to the garden apartment configurator following customer feedback, including accommodating mirrored units along a corridor & tall garden apartments.

Support for Double-Loaded and Modular Garden Buildings

Mirrored unit assembly support, and custom vertical circulation dimensions.

Modular Garden Building

Support for Super Tall Garden Buildings

Le Corbousier would be proud. 14 story walkups are now possible.

Very Tall Garden Buildings

Support For 100% Efficient Garden Buildings

Several architects and developers employ clever tactics to make their building more efficient. To this end, we have added support for units without any vertical circulation.

100% Efficient Buildings

Metric Revamp

  • Added several metric presets, units databases, and garden databases.
  • Space parking uses stalls per 100 instead of per 1000 in metric.
  • Fixed SketchUp export scaling when using metric measurements.
  • Removed the conversion of plans between metric & imperial.

Remove Unit Colors in Plan View

  • Now a user preference

Other Features

  • Added parking lines to the SketchUp export.
  • Added an error marker when the garage tray count is incompatible with a ramp.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed spaces in the garage exceeding their target size when near a ramp.
  • Fixed incorrect spaces after dragging units in high density sites.
  • Fixed spaces with holes rendering incorrectly in the PDF export.
  • Fixed some missing fields in the PDF tabulation.
  • Fixed tabulation alignment issues with lots of different sites.
  • Fixed void spaces producing amenity walls in the Dynamo importer.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking defining metadata properties for dynamic units.
  • Fixed some missing manually-placed units in low density sites.

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