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Product Updates
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TestFit 2017 Release History

written by
Clifton Harness

Summary of TestFit 2017 releases.

Tabulation Update

December 2017

Patch 0.012

* Expanded tabulation data to include full BOMA-level detail.
* Updated CSV exporter to reflect new tabulation data.

* Improved unit mix in long double-loaded corridors.
* Firewalls are less likely to be close to dead ends.
* Fixed missing file types in the file save dialog.
* Added the current file name (with an asterisk if modified) in the menu bar.
* Fixed a rendering issue with large 3D models.
* Fixed a crash when splitting large courtyards.
* Fixed a crash when exporting PDF's for unparked sites.

Amenity Update

November 2017

Patch 0.011

* Added a handle to drag amenity space.
* Amenity space should be much closer to the requested size.
* Added a 3D massing diagram view.
* Added a toolbar in the plan view to toggle 3D mode, toggle aligned drawing,
and re-center the view.


* Trackpad mode (accessible from the settings panel) replaces the middle mouse
button with right click.
* Like before, amenity space is placed away from the garage by default. There
is now a button in the input panel to restore this logic after switching to
a custom amenity location.
* Various GUI improvements: windows are draggable, window maximization works
correctly in a multi-monitor setup, and resizing panels works better.
* 3D model can be rotated with the middle mouse button.
* Stairs have been pushed back to the façade of the building.
* Fixed gaps in common area rendering near stairs and corridor intersections.
* Added this change log (accessible from the about panel).
* Garage orientation can be changed with a button in the input panel.
* Courtyards with more than 4 sides will be closed more often.

Public Release

October 2017

Patch 0.010

* Added stairs
* Added firewalls
* Inside Corner Unit Solver

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