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TestFit 3.03: Mixed-Use Developments

written by
Clifton Harness

Mixed-use is hard to accomplish well, let alone easily. There are a lot of stakeholders involved, and their needs change quickly. To this end, in release 3.03, we’ve made it easier to subdivide (and merge!) sites. This allows users to edit the building typologies on each sub-site, and make the most of each with the power of user-controlled configurators.

If our population in the United States is going to densify, clever mixed use design helps to lift the human spirit amidst tall buildings. We certainly hope that this will help lower friction for new-urbanism.

Mixed-Use Developments

Subdivide Sites

Draw one big plot of land, then cut it up into smaller sites designed for different uses. This allows you to capitalize on TestFit’s configurator power, optimizing for different building typologies on each smaller site.

Subdivide sites in TestFit
Subdivide sites in TestFit

Merge aka Undivide Sites

Pretty straightforward: undivide sites that were previously divided. Think of it as your site merge / undo button.

Merge/Undivide sites in TestFit
Merge/Undivide sites in TestFit

To get started on dividing and merging sites, check out our Knowledge Base article.

Better 3D Interactions

Manual Interactions in 3D View for Garden Sites

Seamless manual mode. Whereas before you had to click into manual mode in 2D, now you can easily manipulate buildings in 3D in garden sites. Options include:

  • Increase individual building heights
  • Manually rotate each building
  • Move each building aligned to the plane
  • Move each building around on the plan

Check out our Knowledge Base article to get started.


  • Renamed lifts to elevators
  • Changed the site boundary outlines to appear thicker.
  • Site selection UI improvements.
  • Improved the toolbar by grouping the measure & site boundary tools, and tidied up the side toolbar.
  • Added a button to revert manual changes to the side toolbar.
  • Added a red box on manually-placed buildings that are outside the boundary.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing facades around garages in mass-based sites.
  • Fixed missing roofs above garages in mass-based sites.
  • Fixed flickering roofs on mass-based sites in Enscape.
  • Fixed large visible artifacts in 3D when sites are partially behind the view.
  • Fixed the PDF export over-reporting the office plate size.
  • Fixed garage entrances missing in the PDF export.
  • Fixed low-density site exits being duplicated in each unique setback.
  • Fixed low-density manual mode occasionally generating undesired drive aisles.
  • Fixed a bug causing buildings to disappear near holes in low-density sites.
  • Fixed drive aisles being invisible in low-density manual mode.
  • Fixed the inability to remove boundary points with multiple sites present.
  • Fixed gurban sites extending outside complex envelopes.
  • Fixed a crash when creating very tall podium buildings.
  • Fixed missing manually-placed buildings in very large sites.
Product Updates