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TestFit 3.12: Auth0 Secure Login and Multi-Size Parking Stalls

written by
Nat MacDonald

Auth0 Authentication

We've updated our login experience to support Auth0 authentication. There are a few benefits to this change. With Auth0 being the world leader in authentication, we’re providing a more secure login experience for all our users.

To make your day-to-day workflow easier, you won’t have to log in anymore after the initial login (unless you log out yourself) because we’re using Auth0's refresh token rotation technology to maintain a long term open session. So you can just set it and forget it.

In the near future, companies will also be able to log in to TestFit with their company accounts. For the IT knowledgeable users, this is SAML/SSO, so there will be no need to keep track of TestFit accounts separate from your company accounts. More on this in future releases soon.

How to Log In with Auth0

The steps for Auth0 authorization are:

  1. TestFit will prompt you to log in through the web — using your current username and password.
  2. TestFit will display a code that should match the code on the log in screen.
  3. If the codes match, hit confirm.
  4. You will be redirected to our new login page to enter your current username and password.

For more information, please also see this post in the knowledge base.

Multi-size Parking Stalls

Parking is one of the reasons why TestFit exists. To go beyond just counting parking stalls for you, we’ve added the ability to include different stall types within the same parking area for high-density buildings.

Multi-size parking stalls
Multi-size parking stalls

You can now set the number of stalls by a percentage, ADA car and/or ADA van requirements with the ability to customize each of them.

Parking stall breakdown panel
Parking stall breakdown on tabulationpanel

Each stall type is also highly customizable:

  • Shared or non-shared access space for each stall type with associated hatching
  • Automatically place stall types near cores
  • Manually move stall groups throughout level
  • Move stalls up and down levels of a garage
  • Split and delete stalls
  • Customize stall names, colors, ratio, and sizes
Customize parking types on the parking stalls panel
Customize parking types on the parking stalls panel

Combined with the current automatic tabulation of all stall types, configuring parking within TestFit has become much more customizable and powerful.

For more information, check out this knowledge base article.

Note: Multi-size parking stalls only work in high-density models, and it doesn't work in industrial or massing mode, yet. Those will be released soon.

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